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According to its website, Antalya’s Zip Zip Park is the largest fun park of its kind in Turkey. Located right next door to Antalya’s main bus station with a large and free parking area, the 5,600 m2 tent-like structure houses a playground full of 24 different colorful inflatables and trampoline areas, making a young child’s dream come true. The fact that it is heated in the winter and somewhat cooled in the summer makes it an ideal destination for parents with children young and old.  


Wednesday through Monday, guests pay 15TL for a two-hour session, which is a small price to pay for the sheer delight it brings to the younger crowd. Check the website to find out what the current day’s sessions are, as the times can change seasonally, and remember they are closed on Tuesdays for cleaning.  


There are tamer inflatables with slides suitable for the youngest of kids along with designated play and trampoline areas.  More challenging inflatables with steeper slides and climbs and separate trampoline areas are distinctly marked for the older kids. All of these play areas definitely keep children occupied for the two hours. Every time we go our kids lament that it is only for two hours around half way through, only to be sufficiently worn out and ready to be done at the end of the session. 


Though there are employees who stand throughout Zip Zip Park and serve as referees/rule enforcers, don’t expect them to watch your kids too closely for you. Be sure to bring socks for your kids to play in, as well as socks for yourself because no shoes are allowed inside the play area. As you first enter the play area, lockers give you a place to leave shoes and valuables. A decent cafe with fair prices for snack items and tea or coffee is inside the play area when you first walk in and would be a perfect place to hang out if your kids are older and can play safely on their own. It can be noisy, especially if there are a lot of children present. But considering the relatively inexpensive cost and the extreme fun your kids will have, it is more than worth it.  

Location: Yenidoğan Mah. 3109 Sokak. Kepez/Antalya 

Telephone: 0242 332 2244 

Hours: See website for session times – 

Entrance Fee: 15TL for a two-hour session 

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