About us...

Turquoise blue waters, snow-capped mountains and palm-like trees all in one glance. Ancient historical wonders, breath-taking natural beauty, thrill-seeking adventures, traditional Turkish culinary delights, quaint local villages, cultural experiences, and hospitable people. This is Antalya.

The TIA team is made up of expats who love Turkey and live in Antalya. Our heart is to tell the stories of the lovely people who live and work in this place, while also relaying helpful tips and advice to make your time here the best it can be. We desire to not only provide an insider’s guide to the area for people who come to visit or to live, but also to deliver a service to the people of Antalya by highlighting all that it has to offer…not just the typical tourist spots.

Antalya is a vast province with untold treasures…both places and people. Join us as we uncover them all. This is Antalya.