Quzu Restaurant & Lounge A distinct and delicious dining option along Konyaaltı Beach


Quzu Restaurant & Lounge advertises as place to find Azerbaijani, Russian and European cuisine. The presentation and the taste of the food impresses us on every visit, not to mention the fact that the menu offers quite a few different options than what you typically see in restaurants here. We love Turkish food, and you can get some of that there, too, but when given an opportunity to try something outside that taste realm, we relish the chance.  

Quzu has not disappointed us on that front. Everything in the restaurant is tastefully done, from the décor to the plates, even to the location right along the seafront, main drag of Konyaaltı Beach.  A nice breeze comes through on sticky summer nights making indoor dining more than comfortable.  

We have ordered several different things from the menu, but the Shah Plov (or King Pilaf), a traditional Azerbaijani dish, stands far above as our favorite. It was as delicious as it is beautiful. The flaky pastry crust opened to perfectly seasoned, saffron curried rice with dried fruit and beef. The change in taste from the normal Turkish spices of cumin and red pepper delighted our tastebuds, and the smaller portion fed two people. We highly suggest you sample it yourself.  

Upon our arrival, the slow dining area gave us our choice of seats, but tables began to fill up quickly. The service was attentive until our food was served, but then as it got busier, we did have to flag a waiter down for tea and our bill. During our subsequent dinners, we had sufficient service, and our waiters anticipated every need.   

At first glance, the menu seemed a bit pricey, but after seeing the portion sizes and tasting the food, we felt as if the price was reasonable. After several visits, we would go again and take friends and family along with us. Overall, we heartily recommend you give Quzu Restaurant & Lounge a try if you desire something besides Turkish kebap -though they offer it too.  


Location: Arapsuyu Mah. Akdeniz Blv 74A Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey 

Hours: Every day 8:00 – 00:00 

Telephone: +90 242 230 22 02

Email: info@quzurestaurant.com

Website:  https://quzurestaurant.com/

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