Cakes and Parti Store One stop shop for party planning and baking in Antalya

If you live in Antalya and are looking for a place to buy party or cake supplies, we are on a mission to find the best stores in the city center just for you. Our first stop is Cake and Parti Store in Muratpaşa.

From the wall of cookie cutters, beautifully colored balloons, and piping tips, good luck trying to decide what NOT to buy at Cakes and Parti Store.  We’re just not sure you can find a store with more dessert baking and decorating items in Antalya. 

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Six years ago the owners of this incredible treasure trove of baking and party supplies moved from Istanbul to open this shop on the Lara side of Antalya.  After a career as a pastry chef he wanted a place where people could find whatever they were looking for to carry out their  ideas.

With a name like Cakes and Parti, you know that every single piece of equipment for making, decorating and serving cakes and cookies is inside.  Cookie cutters of every single shape and size fill an entire wall. So many colors of food coloring, sprinkles, and equipment to pipe every shape of frosting on cakes is here. 

The owners here watch people expectantly come into the store with an idea in mind for something they want to make. They take pride in helping customers find what they need and leave happy and ready to surprise and celebrate their loved ones. 

Apart from pastry goods, all of the normal party store items are here and the selection is great. Plates, balloons, and decorations downstairs and even an upstairs holds a huge selection of Christmas decorations, gift bags, gift wrap and the like. 

With abundant street parking, Cakes and Parti is an excellent option for people living on the Lara side of town.

Address: Zümrütova, Sinanoğlu Cd. 45/A, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am-7:30pm Sun-11am-5pm

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