Gluten-free Antalya

Known for its gracious hospitality, millennia of history and natural wonders, Turkey can’t be underestimated as a destination worthy of consideration. So not surprisingly, the food here tempts locals and guests alike with its freshly baked breads, sweet treats, woodfired pide, and homemade mantı – among many other delights. For those following a glutenfree diet, Antalya offers plentiful options if you know where to look.  


Glutenfree bakeries: 

Seferoğlu Pasta* – Several locations with a completely glutenfree menu, from bread to tortillas to even baklava.

Glutensiz Çölyak Pastanesi*Kind bakers with a smaller menu of cookies, simit, lavaş, and special order cakes.

Praline Lara – Offers a beautiful glüten-free dessert choice among their diverse sweets menu.

*Dedicated gluten-free area. 


Glutenfree pizza: 

G’Hot – Reliably tasty, glutenfree crust available for you while your family or friends chow down on their gluten-filled variety.  

Pizza ArgentinaKaleiçi – Unique toppings and glutenfree crust or pasta available. 


Glutenfree menu items: 

Rokka Grill, Kaleiçi– The chef understands Celiac well.  Try the LaRumba, a crowd favorite for those unable to order their celebrated falafel.

Arap Nazmi, Lara – Order the grilled chicken salad; it is to die for.

Burger CarsKonyaaltı – Some of the best burgers in town; lettuce wraps available upon request.

Luna GardenKaleiçi  More than just a prime location and fancy drinks, this tourist favorite has a yummy choices for the gluten-free diner like hummus, broccoli köfte. 

Vegan House, Lara – Fresh and healthy glutenfree selections, including many Turkish foods previously off limits.

Chi’Fine FoodsAirport – Enjoy the same foods everyone else does, for once! While we found this menu delightful, our children struggled to find something they wanted.


Additionally, a few chain restaurants have gluten marked as an allergen on their menus: 

Shakespeare Coffee and Bistro – Some gluten-free possibilities are filling and vitamin-rich salads or bowls or a delicious grilled salmon

Big Chefs –Their fried zucchini patties served with poached eggs and Bearnaise sauce always tastes delicious. 


In general, when eating at a Turkish restaurant, glutenfree options might include salads, meze (appetizers), vegetable dishes and grilled meats. Menu items to avoid might be obvious bread dishes but also rice pilav containing small pasta, bulger resembling brown rice, and soups or stews as they are almost always thickened with flour. 

Large markets such as Migros and Carrefour stock a sufficient selection of gluten-free bread, pasta, bars, crackers and sweets to supplement the menu of your dining choice. We suggest bringing a few slices of bread to kahvaltı with you so that you can enjoy the homemade jams and jellies. 


It is important to note that MOST commercial kitchens in Turkey are NOT Celiac safe, even those with naturally or designed glutenfree foods from which to choose.  Therefore, we recommend printing out a travel card in Turkish ( so that you can communicate with the restaurant or hotel the requirements of your glutenfree diet. As it is at home, be mindful of hidden gluten in sauces, marinades, and soup stocks.  

Afiyet olsun! Enjoy your (gluten-free) meal! 

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