Zeytin Park A Hidden, Natural Gem

Zeytin Park

Antalya has no shortage of beautiful views and opportunities to encounter untouched nature – especially if you are willing to go outside of the city. Zeytin Parka rare exception and escape from city noise, is located just 11km from the city center and is easily accessible by taxi, car or bus. Its wellpreserved green space includes nearly 25,000 trees for visitors to explore as they breathe the incredibly fresh air. You can also marvel at two 1,200+ year-old olive trees transplanted to the park in 2016.

Within the 2.6 million square meter preserve you will find a café offering a daily Turkish breakfast platetea, and coffee in a peaceful outdoor shaded area. Kids will enjoy the ducks and chickens wandering around the pond right next to the cafe area. There is also a football/soccer pitch where children (and adults) can enjoy playing together. 

By following Zeytin Park on Instagram, you can keep up with their educational opportunities and activities for children during the nice weather months.

Our family went on a Saturday nature walk in March and were rewarded with a leisurely 3.5km stroll taking in a beautiful view of the Taurus mountains above the olive groves, lush green fields blanketed white with wildflowers and a shaded tree-lined path. We felt as if we were wandering through the woodsand every lovely moment was a welcome break from the fast pace of daily life.  

The property is open daily for visitors to walk the 1km paved road to the café, and during off season you can walk the olive grove paths unescorted. But, during the busier months you must be part of a guided walk to go any further on the land. These walks are typically on the weekends, and you can call ahead or use social media to make a reservation. 

After our slow hike around the groves, we enjoyed a generous Turkish breakfast plate for 70TL a person (in March of 2023). It included olives grown at the park as well as tasty olive oil produced from those same olives. If youlike uswant to experience the taste of that olive oil at home, a small storefront sells different sized bottles. Within season, the shop sellhoney, dried herbs and natural soaps prepared there.   

nature walk, a tea or coffee, a rest in the serene shade…each a delightful way to savor a visit to Zeytin Park. 

Location: Ahatlı Mahallesi Antalya Bulvarı 07090, Kepez / ANTALYA 

Hours: Daily 8AM-6PM 

Entrance Fee: Free, Nature walk and breakfast 35TL/person 


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