Alanya Teleferik Short transport to explore Alanya Castle with a majestic view

Alanya Castle is worth a visit if you are in the Alanya area. If you are looking for a quick and picturesque way to get there, the Alanya Teleferik is a delightful, albeit pricey, alternative to driving. In just 6-7 minutes you will find yourself whisked to the middle section of the castle area while appreciating the birdseye view of Kleopatra Beach, the city of Alanya, and the Taurus Mountains stretching out in the distance.  

From the beach station on the east side of Kleopatra Beach, known as Damlataş, the teleferik is a short ride up 250 meters to the Kale station where you can finish your walk (with quite a few stairsteps) to Alanya Castle. Fourteen cable cars, each holding 8 people, circle back and forth between the two stations from 9:30 in the morning until 11:00 at night, making it the perfect spot for an unmatched sunset if you can time it just right.  

In the age of Covid-19, every car is sanitized after each use and masks are currently required. Only family or friend groups are allowed in a single car. 

Location: Alanya Yolu, Serik Caddesi EXPO 2016 Antalya Sergi Alanı Aksu Antalya / TÜRKİYE 


Entrance Fee:  As of June 2021: 

Round-trip- 37TL per person 

One way- 30TL per person 

Student Round-trip- 25TL  

Student One-way- 20TL 

For children’s prices, see the station attendants 

Note: this fee does NOT include entrance to Alanya Castle 

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