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Zip Zip Park
Tunektepe Teleferik
Agora Temapark
Köprülü Kanyon Rafting
Boğaçayı Parkı
Children's park at Expo
Sahil Antalya
Land of Legends
Antalya Aquarium
Heart of Antalya

Are you planning a trip to Antalya and looking for fun things to do with your kids? Thankfully, Antalya is full of exciting activities for all, but some places offer less stressful options for those with kids. To help you plan, here are some of our favorite tried and true places and activities that will be certifiably fun and kid friendly. Click on the individual links to read more information about each one. Be sure to check back. This list is always expanding as we explore and discover more.

For all ages:

Zip Zip Park With blow-up slides, obstacles courses, and trampolines, Zıp Zıp Park is a fun way for kids to spend two hours on a rainy winter or sweaty summer day.

Sahil Antalya Newly built in 2018, the boardwalk along the beach on the Konyaaltı side of the city has much to offer young and old. Plan on spending several hours with your kids enjoying the seaside promenade.

Land of Legends – If you have the time and money to spare, Land of Legends is a high-quality amusement park 30-45 minutes east of city center with thrill rides, games, and entertainment. Plan on an entire day of fun with your kids at this exciting Adventure Park during the winter and/or the Water Park during the summer.

Park Orman/Park Funtastic – Head up to the trees for a zipline, ropes course, “mountain coaster”, go-carts, and other assorted amusement rides that are pay as you go. There is something adventurous to be found by every age group here and you could easily spend an entire morning or afternoon.

Agora Tema Park – Need a place to take your whole crew on a cold, hot, or rainy day? Be prepared to spend some money upfront on a reloadable card that gets swiped at every arcade or carnival game, thrill ride, and play area. Our kids LOVE this place and could stay all day.

Antalya Aquarium – For a multi-park adventure, check out the Antalya Aquarium which boasts the world’s longest tunnel aquarium, along with the Snow World and Ice Museum, multi-dimensional cinema, and a WildPark featuring reptiles. Admission isn’t cheap, but you could easily spend an entire day here.

Tunektepe Teleferik – Want to get a birds-eye view and enjoy a snack while overlooking the city? Be sure to check out the 10 minute ride up the Tunektepe Teleferik on the western edge of the city. The ride is quick and there is plenty of room for kids to run around at the top.

Boğaçayı Parkı – Grab a picnic basket, a blanket, and a frisbee for an afternoon at one of the city’s nicest parks. Playgrounds for the kids, a basketball court, a soccer field, fishing decks, and plenty of green space skirt the Boğçayı River just south of Atatürk Caddesi in Konyaaltı.

Expo Park Back in 2016 Antalya hosted the World Botanical Expo and many people came together to masterfully design a beautiful park that covered 112 hectares of space and saw millions of visitors during the six months of the fair. Though it feels a little post-apocalyptic in some places as you stroll around and explore the largely abandoned exhibits and buildings, the children’s park is incredible and well-preserved. You could easily spend half a day walking around the paved park with remnants of gloriously arranged flower sculpture masterpieces and artwork all around. Bring a picnic blanket, some food and drinks, and enjoy the park mostly by yourselves.

For ages 5 to adult:

Antalya Zoo/Hayvanat Bahçesi If the weather isn’t too hot and you feel like walking while enjoying creation, the zoo is the place for you. Because it is hilly and without shade, it might be a lot of work to push a stroller/buggy/pram around. The cost is minimal but the animals are surprisingly plentiful.

Upside Down House/Ters Ev – If you are looking for a break from the heat or cold and an unusual family activity, the Upside Down House is the perfect place to spend 1-2 hours taking “upside down” shots to post on your favorite social media site

Sandland/Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum – Take your school-age kids to a place full of giant sand sculptures of every kind and teach them to appreciate art and man’s creative abilities. Located in Güzeloba Mahallesi on the east side of town, the Sand Sculpture Museum is a fascinating way to spend an hour or two.

Perge – If you have a few hours and want to get some energy out while exploring well-restored ancient ruins, Perge is a perfect place to spend a morning or late afternoon. Expect colonnaded streets, a large stadium, and enough rocks and walls to keep young kids busy.

Aspendos – Another of our favorite ancient sites to spend a few hours exploring is Aspendos. Rest in awe in the majestic theatre pondering the kinds of entertainment that happened thousands of years ago as spectators sat in your very spot. Wear yourself and your kids out allowing them to adventure on the rugged acropolis hill up above the theatre. Aspendos is a site we have visited multiple times and it has not become boring because of the unobstructed exploration and adventure it allows our kids’ healthy imaginations.

Phaselis – A little drive from Antalya’s city center, Phaselis is the perfect ancient city for people with young kids. With shaded paths, a mostly level terrain, and multiple beaches to enjoy after roaming, Phaselis is a delight for all.

The Heart of Antalya Another fun way to see the city from on high, the Heart of Antalya is located across from the 5M Migros Mall. An easy add-on to an afternoon of fun, the air-conditioned and smooth ride offers spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. And, even better, children under 10 are free!

Köprülü Kanyon – If you are craving nature, outdoor adventure, and a way to cool off in the heat of summer, white water rafting in this majestically beautiful canyon is a great way to spend the day. Located north of Manavgat, it is quite a ways out of town. But, this exhilarating ride is worth the time and distance to get there!

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