Termessos To the heights of history and nature

Turkey, and Antalya even more so, abounds in ancient ruins available to explore.  Each site is at varying degrees of restoration, giving you many opportunities to view history with more or less imagination.  Something common, at least to the ruins in Western Turkey, is the overall lack of trees.  While this often provides clear views of the city’s layout, during those hot and sunny days it can make for some uncomfortable wandering.  We have discovered one lovely exception to this.  Termessos

Tucked away in the peaks of the Taurus Mountains, Termessos is located inside a national park.   The ruins are an easy 45 minutes’ drive from the city by car. Bus lines run by Termessos and often a taxi waits near the stop to take you up the mountain. 

From the park’s parking area, you glimpse the doorway to what was formerly a temple, and then a beautiful treed hike leads you to the bulk of the former city.  The hike isn’t flat and smooth – so wear good footwear and bring some water and snacks.  Once you arrive, you are rewarded with incredible views of the mountains and a peaceful place to relax and rest.  The amphitheater is a highlight, but due to its limited restoration can be a little tricky to explore.  Even if you only sit around the outer edge and take in the view, you will be pleased with your serene view into this city’s past and mountain peak.  Expect limited signage and information once you arrive, save a short pamphlet you will be given at the entrance.  You may want to do a little research ahead of time to have a better understanding of what you will be exploring.  For those who are interested, this website gives you a nice overview. 

Bring a picnic and spend a half a day in a quiet pine forest of Termessos.  Often less visited than other ruins, anticipate the space to breathe away from the crowds of the sea.  

Korkuteli Yolu /Bayatbademleri Mah.  


Tel: 0 242  238 5688 

Entrance fee: 7 TL (~1 Euro) (October 2019) *MüzeKart accepted. 

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