AquaJoy Su Parkı (Water Park) Water Park for all ages in Manavgat

For that October day where the highs hit near 100 F, and it will come, we have a reliable idea for your family. Our children, ages 10 and 13 at the time, unanimously agreeAquaJoy Water Park makes for an entertaining and refreshing day trip. 

Less than 90 minutes from Konyaaltı or 75 minutes from Kaleiçi, the entertainment venue has you covered for the day.  Free parking adjacent to the park entrance, a cashless payment system within the park and amenities such as free storage lockers in the ladies’ shower area allow for a stress-free experience.   

At the entrance, guests paid not only admission but a deposit for each member’s rubber bracelet, allowing food and beverages to be deducted from the amount paid.  Cash and credit card are accepted.  Leftover money is refunded when you return your bracelet.  Our group visited the park during COVID-19, and it’s important to note that while masks were not worn within the park, for obvious reasons, there was a temperature check at the gate.  Be warned, social distancing was not enforced as folks lined up for rides or food, though we went on a slower day and didn’t have any problems distancing ourselves.   

Our family arrived around 11:30, just before the hour lunch break.  Outside food and drinks are not allowed through the gate, but you will find reasonable prices, generous portions, and a good variety at the café.  Our group was pleased with the spaghetti, köfte, chicken kebap, salad, pizza and hamburgers.  Nearby, a juice bar offers seasonal juices, coffee or tea, sodas, and ice cream.  We tried the watermelon juice; it tasted like summer in a cup! 

AquaJoy is divided into zones: a younger children’s area with a small sprinkler pad and large water feature with slides, an older kids’/adult area with slides up to four stories high, and a pool area.  Each has ample seating, even some in the shade.  The walkways are covered in nonslip material, making it a bit easier to avoid the falls that can happen.  We had no trouble keeping an eye on our tweens and teens because the rides were arranged on one central staircase, which alleviates another common waterpark hesitation.  

Our children thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the thrilling, tall ridesFriendly lifeguards and lively music add to the party atmosphere. Photographers are onsite to capture memories, should you desire to purchase any prints.  All in all, AquaJoy was a win for us! 

Location: Sorgun Mah. Role Cluster Titreyen houseNo. 17/1Manavgat /Antalya 

Hours: Daily9:30-18:00 

Fees: 0-5 Years:  Free6-12 Years:  52tl; Adult: 78tl; 13 Years and Over Student: 60tl; Residence Permit Discount for Adult: 60tl & Children; 40tl (October 2020) 

Telephone+90 532 172 47 57 

Website (available in English) 

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