Masala Zone Delicious, authentic Indian food

Masala Zone

Turkish dishes are undoubtedly delicious, but sometimes when you are here for a while you get a hankering for something different. We serendipitously stumbled upon this authentic Indian delight in Belek when we did a Google search for an Indian eatery. We chose Masala Zone instead of the other place, and this small gem did not disappoint.  

A delightful man named Ali ran an Istanbul Indian restaurant but moved here to run Masala Zone. (It was known as Spice Garden until two years ago, when the previous owner passed.) The talented Indian chef knows what he is doing and delivers spot-on Indian food that is unrivaled in Antalya.  

We ordered the Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, and naan bread, which were all amazing. As we waited for our meal, the aromas coming from the kitchen were enough to convince us what we were about to eat was the real deal. And wait for a bit we did. Unfortunately, another family arrived before us and ordered multiple appetizers and main dishes, which set our order back. But, seeing and smelling their food as it came out just whetted our appetites even more, and it was all worth it in the end when ours arrived.  

You can request your preference of spice, but remember, if you do not come from a culture that regularly enjoys spicy food, mild is probably enough for you and medium is too much heat. Trust us on that one.  

Masala Zone is casual and cozy with outdoor and indoor seating and would be good for families with kids who can wait (or arrive early so you can order first) or for adults without kids.   

If you live in the Belek area, are staying at a resort nearby and need a break from hotel restaurants, or if you are in Antalya proper and looking for a fun date night idea, head over to Belek and treat yourself to Masala Zone. Order a drink, allow the chef plenty of time to work his magic, and thank us later.  

Location: Belek Mah Atif Zengin Cad. No.5/a, 07506 Serik/Antalya, Turkey 

Hours: Every day 18:00 – 00:00 



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