Boulder Jungle Rock Climbing Gym in Kepez

Whether it’s raging hot outside in the height of summer or raining non-stop in the peak of winter, Boulder Jungle offers a lively alternative to visiting the beach or ancient ruins. Read on to discover if Antalya’s very first indoor bouldering park is a place you should visit while here.

Bouldering vs. Climbing

Before we go any further, we want to clear up the difference between climbing and bouldering for those who are new to this world like us. Bouldering, which is what is offered at Boulder Jungle, is typically climbing low heights above mats. There are various sized holds set in routes on walls with different angles, creating a diversity of difficulty. Climbing, on the other hand, is typically done at higher heights and with a rope and belay.

What will you find at Boulder Jungle?

Boulder Jungle opened just one year ago on December 17. The facilities still feel relatively new and offer a clean and inviting space. With more than 80 different bouldering routes, climbers from beginners to experts can find the right path to challenge themselves. Ten of those routes change every Monday, meaning there are new opportunities to stretch your abilities each week.

With a warm-up area, clean restrooms, and a separate shower area for men and women, they have thought of everything you might need. Lockers are also available, but you should bring your own lock if you want to secure your valuables.

There are several options for entry to Boulder Jungle. You can pay a one day price that allows a limitless amount of climbs on that day, or until your arms and legs wear out. For those who want to go more often, there are discounted prices for 10 times, a month’s membership, or 3 months’ membership. These fees do not include climbing shoes or chalk, both of which you will need and can be rented there.

Besides individual climbing, Boulder Jungle offers group lessons, personal training, and children’s classes for kids ages 7 and up. Group lessons provide a cheaper price (call for more information) and focused instruction for those desiring to improve while also spending time with friends. Personal training gives you the opportunity to meet one on one with a coach who will help you increase your skill and difficulty level. Children’s classes run for 1-1.5 hours and require a reservation. A group of one to five children is necessary. All current prices are available on their website. 

There is a snack bar area, as well as a gift shop selling outdoorsy clothing and climbing gear. A rope-climbing wall can be found upstairs by the main entrance, but we did not ask about using it.

Our Experience

Our visit to Boulder Jungle was on a fairly warm late August Sunday afternoon. We were greeted warmly by someone at the entrance who spoke and understood English, which is always a plus. He was helpful and knowledgeable and set us up with everything we needed to start our first climb. Since none of us had ever bouldered before, he was gracious enough to run through some basics with us before we began. The most important piece of information was how to let go and fall onto the mat.

They had rental climbing shoes for each of us, including our 7 year old daughter. But, unfortunately, they did not have two pairs of size 40 shoes, which our oldest daughter and I share. Since there is not a time limit to climbing, it worked out okay for us to share. We weren’t sure about wearing our street shoes downstairs, where the boulder walls are found, but it was not a problem. We just changed into the climbing shoes and stored our shoes in the cubbies next to the bouldering area.

There were only two other people there at the same time as us. Both of them looked to be quite experienced, but they were not bothered by our group of five novices. Plenty of space to spread out and attempt different routes meant that we weren’t ever in anyone’s way. We were surprised at how much we all enjoyed the climbing and even took turns racing up the same route to see who could get the best time. Most shocking was how well our 7 year old did; we should have known she is part spider monkey.

We ended up spending about 90 minutes racing, climbing, taking videos, and lounging on the mats in between climbs. The diversity of difficulty, angles and routes offered something for every member of our family, which we consider a win. Sometimes finding activities that everyone will enjoy can be challenging with four kids that span a ten-year age gap. At the end of our time we were all exhausted, but agreed that it was a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.

Insider Tips

  • Even the easiest routes were a good workout, so we do not recommend bouldering for those with limited arm or leg strength. The website says kids five and above can climb. Our 7-year old is a gymnast and can do an insane amount of push-ups. So, we are not sure if children much younger than her would actually enjoy bouldering for a long amount of time unless they are unusually physically fit. They might do okay, but we imagine they could get worn out quickly.
  • If you have never bouldered before, be sure to ask about how to jump off the wall. There is a 45 minute training class that you can pay to take, but we did fine with just some basic instructions.
  • The area is not so big that you cannot see your belongings from the climbing area if you leave them in the cubbies at the bottom of the stairs. We felt safe leaving our shoes and bags in there the entire time. However, if you go solo, you might feel safer bringing a lock to put on a locker.
  • The space is well air-conditioned and felt comfortable even on a hot August day. It was a nice break from the outdoors, and we suppose it would also be a great place to go on a rainy day in the winter.
  • Discounts for children and students make this a reasonably priced family outing; especially since you can stay as long as you want. However, for novice climbers, we would plan on not more than a couple of hours. Your arms and legs will get tired.
  • Plan on being sore the next day or two if you are not used to climbing. We are all in fairly good health and exercise regularly, but we apparently used muscles in our shoulders and back that we normally don’t and definitely all felt it the next day.
  • We just paid for one bag of chalk to be shared by all of us. It was more than enough for all of us to take turns using.
  • If you have a car and find yourself hungry for some delicious Turkish food after climbing, be sure to check out Meşhur Aksu Köfte Piyaz not far away.

How to Get There

Boulder Jungle is located in Kepez not far from Memorial Hospital. It is about a 15 minute ride from Mark Antalya AVM by car or taxi. If you are taking public transportation, it is anywhere from a 5-20 minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Use the Antalya Kart app to figure out how to easily get there from wherever you are.

Address: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah. 6769 sok No 1A 8, 07090 Kepez/Antalya

Phone: 90 554 435 2999


Monday 16:00 – 22:00

Tuesday-Friday 12:00-22:00

Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 21:00

Prices: See website for current prices
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