Candy Candy Colorful confectionery at Land of Legends

If you happen to be headed to the Land of Legends, you might want to leave some time to check out Candy Candy, the latest confectionery wonderland in the Antalya region. Read on to find out if this candy lover’s dream should be on your list of places to visit.

What’s there?

A delicious stop for both children and adults,  this tempting candy store is located at the Land of Legends shopping avenue. As the area’s most upscale shopping destination, Candy Candy is just one of the many unique stores found at the Land of Legends. Filled to the brim with chocolate, candy, and other sugary treats, a big sign on the door says, “It’s all about happiness.” This might be true, unless you want to escape with your children or sweet tooth friend without buying something.

Our kids were excited to see a few American products like Swiss Miss hot chocolate, Kraft Mac n Cheese (though it was cheesy jalepeno flavored) and Dr. Pepper. But the prices were quite high and not worth the splurge for us. 

The store is a sensory overload with loud music, a sweet, chocolatey smell, and vibrant colors everywhere. In addition to sugary candy, you can purchase donuts, mini-cakes, fancy milkshakes, cookies, chocolate candies, cotton candy, and ice cream. There was even a special section off the entrance where you could “create” your own Magnum bar by starting with the base of your choice and adding candy, more chocolate, or nuts to it. 

If you are looking for fun gifts, there are some small toys, as well as candy gift baskets. To add an extra touch, there is a “boutique” at the back with dozens of ribbon colors, wrapping and bags to make beautiful packages. 

We were there right after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, so the store was festively decorated and Santa Claus was making his way around. The employees also took turns break-dancing and doing gymnastics to entertain the crowd. 

An inviting children’s “club” can be found in the back of the store where you can pay to leave your kids while you shop the rest of the mall. 

Is it worth the trip?

Other than the overall sensory experience of the store, if you are not in the area we wouldn’t say that you should take a special trip to the Land of Legends just to visit Candy Candy. There really isn’t a lot there that you can’t find someplace else, other than a few American items that are way over-priced. The only exception is something that might be of special interest to expats who live in the area: the abundance of m&m like candies in every color of the rainbow. So many times for birthday parties or special events I have wanted to just purchase one or two specific colors of m&m’s and can never find a place to do that. Candy Candy has this covered. 

Other than that, if you are at the mall or the amusement park, it is a fun place to walk around and enjoy the festive atmosphere. During the holidays, it is a fun addition to the lights, music and show that takes place right outside Candy Candy’s doors at the Chimera Fountain. 

How to get there

Land of Legends is found in Kadriye approximately 40 kilometers from Antalya city center, and is about a 40 minute drive by car. You can use your own car and park in the extensive parking lot for free, or you can go by taxi or car hire. 

If you want to go by public transportation, BA-22 will take you from city center to Kadriye and drop you at Kadrıye Ataturk Cd-3, 1.1 km away from Land of Legends.

Candy Candy is located on the south side of the shopping mall across from the Chimera Fountain. 

Address: Kadriye Mah. Ataturk Cad No 104/1 7525, Antalya Turkey

Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 Daily

Telephone: 90 242 320 03 00

Website: The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue

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