Upper Düden Falls (Yukarı Düden Şelalesi) A picturesque oasis

The Düden river winds its way down to the Mediterranean Sea producing two lovely waterfalls in the process.  Most of the pictures and tours will feature the lower falls that spill dramatically into the sea.  While those falls are definitely worth visiting during your time in Antalya, you should not skip a visit about 10km north to see the upper falls.  The upper falls provide a unique experience – climbing into the caves behind the falls with openings allowing you to view the falls from a different angle.  As you pass by the many picnic areas and rushing turquoise waters on your way down to see the falls, you immediately begin to feel the surrounding temperatures cooling down.  There are a few restaurants along the water that enable you to enjoy a relaxing Turkish breakfast if you are unable to bring a picnic. 

The pathway along the water provides many places to take beautiful pictures of the falls and surrounding nature.  Stop off at the café down at the bottom for refreshments before slowly working your way up to the main attraction.  There is a stairway that allows you to access the caves that take you behind the falls for a unique photo opportunity.  The very affordable entry fee of 5TL (~1 Euro) for adults and 3TL for children (July 2019) provides for an extremely affordable and enjoyable half day escape from the city.  There are many bus lines that run right by the entrance to the falls as well as a taxi stand across the street.  They also have parking lot if you come by car for a nominal fee.  The park area is large enough that even on a busier day you could easily find a spot to picnic or just sit in the shade and allow time to pass while you enjoy the lovely surroundings.  This step into nature often tops our family’s list of favorite Antalya nature areas, and our visitors always drive away grateful to have retreated into the cool cave for a while. 

Şelale Mah. 21. Cd. Kepez/Antalya
Tel: 0 242 229 1984


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