Upper Düden Falls (Yukarı Düden Şelalesi) A picturesque oasis

Lower Düden Falls spilling dramatically into the Mediterranean Sea is an iconic view in Antalya’s city center. No doubt it should be on your list of places to see while you are in Antalya, but what about lesser known Upper Düden Falls? Read on to learn more about this oasis in the city and whether or not it should be added to your Antalya itinerary.

What is there?

An enclosed park with an entrance fee and visiting hours greets you at Upper Düden Falls. Lower Düden Falls is free to visit, but Upper Düden Falls provides a unique opportunity that we have not experienced anywhere else in the world – a view from behind the falls! Unlike our experience swimming through falls in Hawaii, here you get to climb into the caves behind the falls that have openings allowing you to view the water falling from behind. This view from behind the falls is quite magical and something you don’t want to miss. 

The rest of the park is peaceful with the sound of rushing water, but the highlight is definitely walking behind the falls. A pathway along the water provides multiple places to take beautiful pictures of the falls and surrounding nature. You will also find an abundance of benches and picnic tables, as well as a few cafes inside the park where you can purchase food and snacks. Souvenirs shops also sell typical touristy items inside the park. 

Vendors with parrots provide paid photos with the exotic birds. Not far from the entrance to the cave behind the falls is a bat cave where you can hear the nocturnal creatures flying around up above, and smell the evidence of their existence on the ground. 

A clean and free bathroom is not far from the entrance on the left side across the bridge. There are also some ancient ruin artifacts, including olive oil presses and tombs.

Outside the park you will find a paid parking lot, but there is also ample street parking around if you do not want to pay to a fee. Across from the entrance and next to the parking lot are more photo opportunities where you can sit on camels for a fee. Cafes and souvenir shops also line the road to the entrance.

Insider Tips

  • In the summer months, the temperature is definitely lower down by the falls, which in and of itself is worth the trip. If you are looking for a cooler place with some tree covering to have a picnic, this is a lovely choice.
  • There are a couple restaurants along the water that enable you to enjoy a relaxing Turkish breakfast if you are unable to bring a picnic. But the entrance to these restaurants is separate and outside of the park. The cafes in the park are up higher and not right on the water. 
  • A few relatively inexpensive cafes line the street across from the parking lot, in addition to the shops inside. The prices on the outside seemed a little lower than the cafes inside the park.
  • After entering the park, you can go to the left or the right. Either way works, but we crossed the bridge and went to the left, which led us down to the water and eventually the falls, then up through the cave. There is a spiral staircase in the middle of the cave that you can use to exit and it will take you right up to the cafes/souvenir shops. However, you could also enter down that staircase and work your way around in the other direction. 
  • The path into the cave and behind the falls is wet and can be slippery. So, go slowly and watch your step. When you reach the end of the path, water is likely to have accumulated 2-3 cm or so. Choose your shoes wisely. 
  • If you are concerned about tight spaces in the cave, have no fear. The ceiling is very low in some places, so watch your head, but the cutouts in the wall that allow you to see out to the falls means very little opportunity for claustrophobia. We have people in our family who don’t like caves or tight spaces, and this experience was totally fine. 
  • The cave and the stairs down to the falls area are not stroller friendly. If you have little ones, some type of carrier would be better for walking around.
  • You will want to hang on to the hands of kids ages five and under. There are multiple spots where they could climb and plunge into the rapidly flowing water.
  • If you want to avoid crowds, go early in the morning and definitely stay away from Sunday afternoons.
  • The park area is large enough that even on a busier day you could easily find a spot to picnic or just sit in the shade and allow time to pass while you enjoy the lovely surroundings.
  • Be sure to bring your Turkish residence visa if you have one to get the discounted local price. They even card Turkish citizens and will charge the more expensive price if you do not have your ID with you. (We watched this happen to an elderly couple in front of us when the wife was not able to show her card.)
  • Don’t be surprised to see the abundance of garbage piling up in the stagnant parts of the river. Whether it is coming from upstream and outside the park, or from people leaving garbage behind, we aren’t sure. But, please do your part to keep the park clean and throw your waste into the garbage cans provided.

How do you get there?

Located in the Varsak area of Kepez, Upper Düden Falls/Yukarı Düden Şelalesi is not hard to get to by public transportation or personal car. Using your Antalya Kart app, you should be able to search for buses that stop at multiple stops only a 1-2 minute walk from the entrance.

There is also a taxi stand located by the camels across from the entrance and next to the parking lot. 

Address: Şelale Mah. 21. Cd. Kepez/Antalya
Telephone: 0 242 229 1984


Upper Düden Waterfall Summer Period Visiting Hours: 08:00 – 19:00 (1 April – 31 October)

Upper Düden Waterfall Winter Period Visiting Hours : 08:00 – 18:00 (31 October – 1 April)

Upper Düden Waterfall Working Days : Everyday 

Cost (as of February 2024):

Adults with Turkish Residence Card: 15TL

Students with Turkish Residence Card: 7.5TL

Foreigners: 50TL

Website: https://www.kulturportali.gov.tr/turkiye/antalya/gezilecekyer/duden-selalesi

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