Kapuz Kanyonu (Kapuz Canyon) Hidden jewel for picnicking, swimming

After winding through the village of Aşağıkaraman, making a wrong turn that led to off-roading into the wilderness, we pulled into a small, open area at the end of the road. The lure of discovering some unknown treasure drew us across a trickle of a stream and into the canyon.  Only an open aqueduct and worn path indicated that we weren’t the first to explore Kapuz Kanyonu, even though we were just half an hour outside Antalya. 

After a 5-minute walk, a grove of trees welcomes you and leads you to the opening of a steam surrounded by the canyon’s cliffs. Summer months are ideal for a visit if you wish to swim in the deep blue, very cold water, but the remainder of the year is still lovely for a trip into the quiet of nature. We have picnicked under the shade of trees in the early fall and alongside the then filled stream in late winter, enjoying the near solitude and our grilled feast in both seasons.  

Nature enthusiasts delight in the abundant fruit and olive trees, birds, and freshwater crabs and fish in Kapuz Kanyonu. Swimmers, canoers and hikers will find small waterfalls at the end of the canyon. Campers are permitted in these peaceful surroundings. But a word of caution: the water is cold enough to cause muscle cramping, and snakes do swim in the river. 

Prepare to bring in everything you will need during your visit because the nearest market is about 5 km away. As this is a natural area, please take out with you everything you take in. It is important to note that the canyon has no bathroom facilities, but that doesn’t stop families and friends from filling the very small parking lot on the weekends. 

To avoid our detour, follow directional signage once it appears rather than your GPS navigation. The entrance is dusty in dry conditions but impassable without a special vehicle after rains, so be mindful of driving safely.

Location: Aşağıkaraman07070 Konyaaltı, Antalya (Search for “Kapuz Kanyonu” in your GPS.)  

Parking: Free 

Entrance: Free 

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