06 Meşhur Menemenci Belek

While you may not have stumbled into dozens of Turkish restaurants over the years, we have.  And this one, while simple, measures up to the quality of both welcome and food that has earned the Turkish hospitality a beautiful reputation. It is named for one of our favorite breakfast dishes made of scrambled eggs, peppers and onions, so we had to give it a try.

Location:  Located just a couple of minutes from the main Belek street, Turizim Caddesi, this lokanta felt like a bit of a discovery, though based on its favorable ratings online, we know we aren’t the first.  Our group snagged a parking spot on the street early one afternoon during off-season but feel like at peak season during the dinner hours, both parking and tables may be in demand.

Atmosphere:  Smiling staff, smoking coals, and meowing friends welcomed our table of five. Traditional-feeling cushioned outdoor seating around sturdy wooden tables gave our exploration-weary bodies a place of respite while foliage masked most of the street view.  We felt very comfortable as foreigners surrounded by locals and would guess those same locals would feel just as comfortable if the all other guests had been foreigners like us.

Food:  A fresh vegetable and herb-filled salad started off the meal.  Our ayran (salty yogurt drink) hit the spot, cutting through the oils of grilled meats and melted cheese. Two of us enjoyed the traditionally prepared lentil soup.  One of our crew is a big menemen fan, and even she couldn’t finish this delicious offering of the traditional dish.  With melted cheese and mint sprinkled on top, she added just a little crushed red pepper flakes while waiting for the sizzling to slow down enough to enjoy. And it was yummy! The meat-eaters among us did their best to work their way through the chicken wings and kebabs as well as various red meat kebabs and kofte but had to leave a few pieces behind. Each piece was simply but nicely seasoned and tasted just as a fresh, Turkish grilled meat should.

Cost: The breakfast dishes (30tl for special menemen) and soups (15tl) were of average price while the meat platter (150tl for two portions) was both more generous and more expensive than we had expected. Total bill (over 200tl) was a bit high for our lunchtime budget.

Cleanliness: We chose to sit outside and were seated on freshly covered cushions at a table that was cleaned as we took our seats.  The restaurant’s patio area was tidy, though staff did choose to chase away a few very cute kittens making eyes at our lunches (and laps.) Outdoor seating is all considering ‘smoking,’ and at the time of our visit (October 2020), inside seating didn’t appear to be an option.

Restrooms:  Upstairs are two decently clean men’s and women’s restrooms. We always travel with facial tissue, in the event the venue does not stock toilet paper, but on the day we visited, our supply wasn’t needed at this restaurant.

Service: Our server was friendly and helpful without hovering, answering any questions we had and getting anything additional as we needed it.  We felt relaxed, unhurried, and well cared for while dining here.

Final Thoughts:  We couldn’t be happier we chose to stop here as we traveled, despite the slightly surprising check at the end. If you find yourself in the area, we hope you give it a try, too. Afiyet olsun! 

Location: Belek Mahallesi, Molla Fevzi Caddesi, Serik, Antalya 07500 

Telephone: +90 543 884 3461

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