TersEv Antalya – Upside Down House An upside-down adventure

December 2021 Update

Ters Ev (Upside Down House) opened in Antalya in the fall of 2015. It moved to its new location in March of 2021 after being closed for five months to relocate and remodel. With the move, this wacky house gained a larger space both inside and outside to fill with new upside-down concepts. Included in its updated features are a room with a pool table and an Ottoman corner. These fun and disorienting experiences continue to provide opportunity for imagination and captivating photos. 

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Owner Kaan Karahan saw the concept in Russia and wanted to bring the experience to Turkey.  He is in the process of franchising and opening others in the country, so while this is Turkey’s first, it won’t be its last. 

There are nine different rooms in which guests can create unique photos ready for social media.  Each year the interior is redesigned to provide a fresh experience for repeat guests.  When first entering it is a bit perplexing as it seems there are no level floors or walls and all of the furniture and accessories have been secured to the ceiling.  After a bit of time settling in, your mind starts to adjust. You can then see with a few test photos how many poses are available that, when rotated 180 degrees, provide a satisfying illusion of being attached to the ceiling. 

Ters Ev employees are available throughout the house to assist their guests. If you hand them your phone or camera, you can utilize their assistance to ensure the entire family will be included in the photos. They will also guide you to the best locations and poses to capture the perfect photo.  This valuable service is provided at no additional cost.  

If you want a professional souvenir, they offer a photo service complete with custom frame for 20 TL.

When you are ready for a break, an onsite café offers a variety of hot and cold drinks and refreshments. You can sit down, review your photos, and post your favorites thanks to the free Wi-Fi. 

With an air-conditioned interior, Ters Ev makes a nice escape from the intense heat of summer.  It is also an ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon in the winter. Plan on spending around 1-2 hours.  You want to give yourself time to experiment with different rooms and poses in order to get the ideal picture of your family’s fun and unique Antalya experience.  

Address: Altıntaş mah, Kardeş Kentler Cd. no 15, 07400 Aksu/Antalya

Telephone: +90 538 416 98 18

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00-19:00

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tersevantalya/

Entrance fee: 25 TL  for adults, 20 TL for children ages 6-12, Free for 0-6 (According to their Facebook Page, December 2021)

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