Kale Kule Kumluca Kumluca’s architectural symbol with a view

On our way toward Kaş and back, we have driven past Kumluca’s distinct architectural landmark, Kale Kule, multiple times. Always on the lookout for new and exciting places to visit, we have wanted to stop many times but could never make it work. After spending the morning at Limyra in March, we decided it was time to check Kale Kule out.

What is it?

Built in 2005, Kale Kule is part of the 50th Anniversary Cultural Center. The five floor, spiral-like tower is the centerpiece of a complex that includes an outdoor amphitheater, two cinemas, a restaurant, a cultural museum, a wedding hall, and special banquet rooms for honored guests. There are also fountains and a park sprawling below the tower. The highlight of the tower is the terrace at the top where you can see for miles in all directions.

Is it worth a stop?

Kale Kule will not be the most incredible part of your time in Kumluca (watch for upcoming posts about Limyra and Rhodiapolis). But, if you are driving by and want a little exercise with a rewarding view at the top, take a half hour out of your day to visit. Know that there is not an elevator. Strollers and wheelchairs can be pushed up the spiraling path, but it would take strong arms, legs, and lungs.

Sunset on Kale Kule could be magnificent, and the view of the snow-capped mountains in the Winter and early Spring is captivating. We did not eat at the restaurant located at the bottom of the tower, but it looked like a typical Turkish cafe. Check out google reviews to see if you want to eat there.

In summary, it was a quick and interesting half hour pitstop, but we would not recommend making a special trip to Kumluca just to see Kale Kule.

One last tip

If you are driving and it has open spots, park in the small covered parking area. It gets you closer to the start of the incline, versus the outdoor parking lot that involves many more steps to the entrance.

Getting there

Kale Kule is around 90 kilometers (55 miles) west of Antalya city center. Between Antalya and Kumluca you will experience a beautiful drive through the mountains. It is right off of D-400 and you cannot miss it standing tall on the left-hand side as you enter Kumluca. It is easy to get there by car.

By bus from Antalya, take KC-06 or KL-08 to the end of the line at Sarısu Depolama and then catch AK-03 to Kumluca. Get off at Lunapark and cross the street to reach the complex.

Address: Karşıyaka, Adnan Menderes Blv., 07370 Kumluca/Antalya

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