Kaputaş Beach Famed beach curled beneath roadside cliffs

Driving along D400, the highway that mostly hugs the Mediterranean coast and takes you from Antalya troo Kalkan, the view alternates between quaint villages, mountain grandeur and magnificent cliffs overlooking turquoise blue splendor. The tenuous terrain is a thrilling route that requires both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road because of the curves and steep drops to the sea. One rather glorious spot between Kaş and Kalkan is Kaputaş Beach, well-marked in person by road signs and online by thousands of social media posts featuring this not so hidden gem.  

If you can grab a parking spot, take it and enjoy this celebrated Antalya beach. We visited Kaputaş in late March and even then, the parking lot was almost full, and the beach was surprisingly alive with sunbathers playing in the azure sea.  

The beach is sandy, not as soft as Patara Beach, but definitely more of a sand consistency than anything near the city center. There appears to be a snack bar and restroom area with showers that is perhaps open during high tourism season, as well as a place to rent beach umbrellas and chairs. However, Kaputaş is not very large, and we cannot overstate the importance of arriving early in the morning if you want to be able to enjoy what Kaputaş offers. In the off season, it is peaceful and the view is unmatched. In summer, we can only imagine how crowded it might be.  

Again, wadvise getting there first thing in the morning if you intend to drive your own vehicle, because there is legitimately no other place to park along this curve in the cliffside road. Also know that there is only one way to access the beach: a LONG staircase that you have to carry anything you bring with you down and then back up, and it is in no way accessible to handicapped or disabled visitors. We were grateful our kids are all old enough to tackle the stairs on their own!    

Is Kaputaş worth a trip if you are in the area? Absolutely yes. It is stunning and everything a perfect beach vacation is made of. You should at least stop and take a few pictures if you can find an empty parking spot. Is it worth going out of your way during the summer season? Only if you get there early or hire a driver or taxi to drop you off and pick you back up. Even then, count on it being busy.  

Getting there: Kaputaş is between Kaş and Kalkan and can be reached by car or car hire. It is around 200 km west of Antalya. It can be reached in around 3-3.5 hours either driving along the sea on D400 or through Korkuteli on E87 and then heading south through Elmalı and some mountain villages to Kalkan and back to Kaputaş. Both routes are beautiful in their own right, but if you go the mountain route, be sure to plan a stop for kahvaltı at Belmuar Çınar Restaurant 

Location: Kaputaş Beach, D400 Highway, KalkanKaş/Antalya 

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