Antalya Aquarium Bringing the sea to life

Antalya Aquarium

Be it a rainy winter day or scorching summer afternoon, visitors to the Antalya Aquarium take refuge in the cool, quiet underwater home of sparkling fish, racing stingrays and mighty sharks.  The attraction has 40 aquariums that culminate in the world’s longest tunnel aquarium.  Children and adults slow in the tunnel, marveling at the beauty of the sea creatures.   

Tips: Keep an eye out for elevators if you need them – there are lots of stairs here.  You can pay extra to feed sting rays but touching the animals is discouraged. Important to note for parents:  shark feeding is scheduled daily at noon. Go early morning or late at evening to avoid tour groups but when tour groups are there it can be overwhelming and not as fun.  Large display information is translated from Turkish into English and videos have English subtitles. 

Located in the same facility but requiring an additional admission fee, the Snow World and Ice Museum can be entertaining in the heat of summer. Each visitor is given warm clothes to protect them from the low temperatures, necessary to keep real snow, which can be icy, frozen.  The interactive exhibit displays ice sculptures for photographsseveral ramps for sledding and snow for playing.  Perhaps due to its success, the snow is icy and the snow gear appears to be well used. 

WildPark houses a small display of tropical reptiles in an adjoining exhibition hall and includes many snakes, a few turtles, bats, an armadillo and other creaturesA most interesting scorpion can be found by special lighting The reptiles are definitely a side show to the fish so may only be worth the extra ticket price required if guests are very interested in snakes. 

Visitors purchasing tickets to a multidimensional submarine movie experience ride through the sea with 3D underwater friends: fish, dolphins, and a whale.  The movie captivates children, but the smallest can be frightened by a shark attack.  Older children and adults may not find the film as exciting.  

Admission to the Antalya Aquarium for all three attractions can be purchased in advance online at special rates, ranging from (at time of posting) $33 for the only the Aquarium to $45 for the Aquarium and Cinema OR Aquarium and WildPark to $48 for the Aquarium and Snow World to $99 for the full package, allowing  guests to choose their adventure for the day.  Tickets are available at the gate but will be higher.  Within the complex, you can pick up souvenirs and snacks in multiple shops and cafes (including McDonalds), where prices run a bit higher, as one might expect at a tourist attraction.   

LocationArapsuyu Mahallesi Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:502, 07200 Konyaaltı/Antalya 

Phone+90 242 245 65 65 

Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (admission ends at 7:15 pm) 


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