Hilmi Beken Polished and delicious oasis on the beaten path

Hilmi Beken confirms the timeless truth that “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Located next to a gas station, this delightful establishment doesn’t look like much at first glance. But, when you approach its doors and look past the typical gas station restaurant facade, you discover it is really something special. From ambiance, to service, to taste, it is remarkable. Our review is based on the Sultan Breakfast.


Hilmi Beken is located next to a gas station north of Antalya city center just south of Palmiye Caddesi on the northbound side of D-650 in Döşemealtı. It is a busy location with trucks and cars constantly coming and going, but once you get in the restaurant you quickly forget you are at a gas station off the highway.


From the koi pond at the entrance to the peacock and duck aviary in the back, this restaurant is well-thought out as an oasis from the busy highway nearby. It is peaceful and relaxing and you almost forget where you are. Seating inside is clean, comfortable and plentiful. Seating outside is shaded from the hot summer sun and spaced out so that even if you don’t smoke you can enjoy sitting on the patio. There is a shaded kids play area down below the patio seating. Young and old alike, make sure you don’t miss the albino peacock while checking out the aviary.

Quality of Food

Presentation, freshness, and taste is top-notch. Everything is cooked well and looks as good as it tastes. Menemen is included with the Sultan Kahvaltısı (sultan breakfast) and was perfect in flavor and consistency. Honey and cream (kaymak) are a pleasant addition because that is not always the case in Antalya. Hilmi Beken also makes their own scrumptious specialty bread in-house and it comes with your breakfast. Perfectly fried pişi (kind of like donuts) accompany the breakfast and are a delight! Tomatoes and cucumbers are fresh and the tea is perfectly brewed.

Amount of Food

The serving sizes for the Sultan Kahvaltısı are generous. We have been there with a large group and just with our family of six. Both times they did a great job of estimating how much we would need and we didn’t end up with a ridiculous amount of waste.


With the cost of everything constantly on the rise these days, it is hard to know what is reasonable anymore. The Sultan Kahvaltısı is 145TL per person.  Children ages 7-12 cost 65TL each. It might seem steep, but it is also consistent with prices we have seen around town. And, it definitely lives up to its name.


The inside and outside of the restaurant are immaculate. The kitchen area is on display for you to see as you enter and it also appears to be clean and managed well.


There are multiple stalls of clean and well-stocked bathrooms for both men and women.


With multiple waitstaff and hosts, you won’t wait long for anything at Hilmi Beken. The waitstaff is polite, patient, and helpful. They even do a good job of anticipating your needs and bringing fresh tea.

Final Thoughts

Hilmi Beken is a delightful surprise that we will return to often because of its consistent quality and service, as well as its relaxing atmosphere. It is also a tremendous bonus that right next door in the gas station market you can find international food imports (like specialty cheeses, sauces and packaged meats) that are hard to find elsewhere. We highly recommend you give it a try if you are in the area, but also suggest making a special trip up to Döşemealtı if you are looking for a nicer birthday or anniversary breakfast that does not have a village feel. Make reservations ahead of time on the weekend as it can get quite busy.

As we highlighted on Instagram, Hilmi Beken also offers incredible lunch and dinner foods. If you are looking for things to do in the same area, check out Güver Canyon, Karain Cave or Evdirevhan. 

Location: Altınkale Mh, Akdeniz Blv. No:168 D:170, 07190 Döşemealtı/Antalya

Hours: Closed Mondays. Tuesday – Friday: 11:30 – 22:00, Saturday – Sunday: 9:30 – 22:00

Telephone: 90 242 443 30 15

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